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ALl ABout Kybella

What is Kybella – Kybella is a naturally occurring substance in our body called deoxycholic acid. It assists in digestion. Scientist have found a way to make the substance in a laboratory for injectable use.

What does kybella do – Kybella permanently dissolves the fat molecules in the area of injection.

What areas can be treated by Kybella – Kybella is FDA approved for treatment of the “sub-mental fat” aka the double chin. It has also been used “off-label” in the following locations: stomach pooch, arm, bra fat area, jowls of the face, banana rolls beneath the buttock and more.

Is Kybella Safe – in a double blind study for FDA approval there were no permanent side-effects from injection. The most common side-effect is swelling and numbness at the injection site that resolves (see below).

What can I expect – Kybella injections take about 20 minutes, you can expect relatively obvious swelling, mild bruising, and numbness at the injection site.

How long does swelling last – Severe swelling lasts 5 days while residual swelling lasts another 10 days.

Bruising can last up to 2 weeks but most clients experience mild bruising lasting only a few days.

Numbness can last a month or longer but does not usually interfere with daily life

How long before I start to see results? Typically this is 6 weeks, the fat molecules need to dissolve which takes time. Your skin will retract in the right candidate and you should get a nice result in about 6 weeks time

How many treatments do I need? Most people need 2 – 3 treatments to obtain their optimal results