VIPeel guide

Peels are one of the most under-utilized treatments in many cosmetic practices. Peels help tone, texture, fine lines, scaring, and most importantly sun-damage/melasma. 

How long does it take?

- Approximately 10 minutes

Is it painful?

- Non-painful application of VIPeel

Whats the most common complaint?

- Although complaints with VIPeel are uncommon, from time to time there will be some itching the first night (usually relieved by benadryl).

How long does it last?

- Results are semi-permanent 

When can I go back to normal activities?

- After about 48hrs you can resume normal activities

Can I fly after the procedure?

- Yes, but keep in mind that flying makes you dehydrated so try to avoid salty foods and drink tons of water. 

What can I do to keep the results looking great?

- I recommend a topical vitamin C based serum from skinceuticals for adequate hydration ($135), consider a micro-needle home device to help stimulate more collagen ($80), and Triluma Topical Cream ($140).

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