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What Is PRP?

PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma, AKA liquid gold, is a highly concentrated serum created from your own blood. A small amount of blood is used to create the PRP by extracting the yellow portion known as the plasma. The PRP contains growth factors that help stimulate collagen and fibroblasts (the building blocks of our skin). PRP has been used for over 20 years to help regenerate skin from burns and wounds, but has found recent application in anti-aging. It was popularized by the "Vampire Facelift" and Kim Kardashian on reality tv.  

What does PRP help with in the skin?

PRP helps regenerate the skin by providing it with growth factors from your own body. These growth factors stimulate your skin to help produce new collagen. The PRP Serum can help fine lines, texture problems, skin glow, skin texture, and more. 

How long before I start seeing results?

Results can expect to be seen within the first month of application and continue for 4-6 weeks after discontinuing use. 

How is it made?

A small amount of blood is taken and under sterile lab conditions the platelets are activated and tailored to your needs. The serum is then bottled and sent to you or you may pick it up. The Serum lasts for 1 month, must be refrigerated, and then must be re-created as the platelets are no longer active at that time. 

What else can PRP help with?

PRP has been used for joint therapy famously used by Alex Rodriguez and Kobe Bryant, it can also be used for hair restoration. Please ask us about other areas the PRP can be applied to help with your concern so we can tailor your serum today.  

What else can I do with PRP?

We offer PRP Facial during time of consultation. A PRP facial consists of a process known as micro-needling which helps the PRP penetrate the skin up to 300X deeper than topical application at home, think of this as a jump-start once a month in your anti-aging goals. Micro-needling has a 24hour recovery period or less and can help boost your skins glow and radiance overnight. Micro-needling is not a painful process and can be compared to a medical grade facial. 


Custom PRP Serum for home use - $250

Custom PRP Serum for home use with Micro-needling - $500

Custom PRP serum for home use with PRP injection - $800

Custom PRP for home hair restoration - $275

Micro-needling alone - $375

My skins so much softer and smoother, Iā€™m coming back as soon as I can!
— Erika U.
I really like the serum, I can already tell how much smoother my skin is.
— Caitlin H.